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Get This ‘Borderlands 3’ Shift Code Before It Expires — And Hurry, It Expires Before long [Update: Here’s Another]

Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford has dropped nonetheless one more Change Code for Borderlands 3 gamers. He introduced the code about an hour ago and it expires at 8 pm PT / 10 pm CT / 11 pm ET, which–as of the crafting of this post–is just a few several hours away.

Blink and you will skip it, as they say. It appears that Pitchford has no technique to his insanity, at times releasing codes that previous a comprehensive 24 hours or for a longer period, in some cases extra than 1 at a time, and then dropping types like this.

In any case, here’s the Change Code:


How To Redeem

You can do this in the Social Menu in-sport, or by visiting this internet site. This will grant you a Golden Vital which you can then use at the upper body in Sanctuary to redeem for Epic and Legendary Loot, though Legendary drops are infuriatingly uncommon.

In any situation, it’s all fairly straightforward. Go get that code, get the crucial, and then you can possibly use the essential suitable away or help save it for a rainy working day.


Pitchford just dropped a 2nd Change Code that isn’t going to expire until eventually 4 am PT / 6 am CT / 7 am ET. Below you go:



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